West African Drumming Classes

Ongoing Private and Group Classes for Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced Drummers

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A training curriculum using the TTM Pedagogy teaching style, created by GrandMaster Mamady Keita that will help students sharpen their drumming skills by learning drumming techniques, rudiments, and African rhythms. Please contact to register for the next class or get on the mailing list. Classes are at 408 Lochside Dr in Cary, NC on Monday nights. All levels welcome.

Basic Things You Will Learn:

  • General understanding of how to sit and hold a drum.
  • Basic ability to use a hand drum to make 3 basic sounds, bass, tone, slap.
  • Learn traditional handing of rhythms.
  • Ability to start and stop playing with a signal.
  • Learn several rudiments and hand techniques that will greatly improve your sound and stamina.
  • Learn to listen and play back basic and advanced African rhythms.
  • Learn history, regions, and purpose of West African rhythms.
  • How to read notations to practice rhythms at home.
  • How to play improvisational solos techniques.
  • How to play traditional and Ballet Dununs.

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West African Djembes from Ghana and the Ivory Coast are for sale. These drums come tuned, with a carrying case and are guaranteed. Drums are also available for loan during class.