drummer djembeLearn West African Music

Drums on Fire is dedicated to providing a safe and fun environment in which to learn West African music while also challenging and engaging students to grow and become confident in their ability to become better drummers and well-rounded musicians.

Ronnie Pulley does this by teaching classes that progress from basic sounds, handing, and rudiments, to more challenging lessons.

Students are encouraged through stepping stones to achieve successful experiences by playing rhythms and arrangements that build on each other over the course of the 6 weeks session. Since students learn differently, visual, auditory and tactile methods are provided throughout the course to help students along their success path.

“I love your teaching style, the variety of the drumming patterns you teach us, and your sense of humor.” —Rosy

“Practicing elements of soloing, or to make arrangements, is cool because it gives you some creative tools to work with at home.” –Scott